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Aiden is a 19 years old university student, with a big crush on his friend Dan, who happens to come over for a movie night. While preparing for the evening,  Aiden stumbles upon a Ouija board, left by someone in the garbage. As a joke, Aiden decides to bring the spirit board with him, not knowing, what else he just invited into his apartment.

Ouija Sleepover is an LGBT+  RPG Maker adventure HORROR game. 

Trigger warning for: Flashing images, Curse words, Blood, Gore, Death and Murder.

Those under the age of 16 or weak of heart are not advised to play this game as some scenes in it may be seen as disturbing.

Production time: 15 days

Playtime: 1,5 - 2 hours

Endings: 2 main endings + 2 bad endings

Author: YuTopia 

About the author: 

Hello, my name is Yu (He/Him).  I am a 21 years old queer artist from germany.  This isn't the first game I've ever made, but it's the first one I'm releasing to the internet, so I'm quite nervous! I apologize in advance towards any spelling errors, as english isn't my first language. I hope you enjoy this game, as much as I did making it! If you can spare some time after playing, I would love to hear some feedback =) Thank you~


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Development log


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This game was an amazing experience, the story, the characters and the art are amazing. Couldn't stop playing it.I really enjoyed all of it thank you for making such a great game. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :D

I do always love me an RPG Maker horror story - and one with a sweet love story at its core like this (with some pretty messed up possible outcomes, heh) certainly earns a few points. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this...

...at literally any other point than the chase scene. I get the whole "shutting the game down at death" thing is common, but here, it nearly makes the chase sequence unplayable, given there are times where the halls are only two spaces wide, and it's entirely possible for the attacker to change directions WHILE you're moving, corner you and thus kill you even if you move at what should have been a completely safe moment. Imagine doing this while trying to reord, too! 

But aside from that one gripe, this is a great game, with lovely art and an endearing pair of protagonists. Loved it.

Thank you very much for your kind words and for the honest and constructive feedback! :) I must admit that I did not make the game with youtubers in mind, so there are a few choices that I would have done differently in handsight. The shutting down part was purely done out of a timesaving reason, as I wasn't using the default title screen, which made returning the player to it difficult, especially with the gamejam timelimit.  But I'll definitely try to handle the gameover better in my next game, if that ever happens haha

Enjoyed giving this a playthrough, even if it did stress me out at a few points. Really love the general aesthetic of the game, great job! 

Thank you so much! Sorry for stressing you out haha Glad you still enjoyed it ^-^


incredibly boring. different strokes for different folks i guess


I love the aesthetic of the game! Is there any chance I can stream it on my channel? I'll credit you and post the link to download it!:D


Thank you! And of course, go ahead ^-^


Que jogo incrível!! Eu amei tudo: os personagens, a história. Eu queria muito uma continuação porquê eu amei tanto os personagens que eu queria conhecer mais deles.
Ótimo trabalho!  

Translation (with Google)
What an amazing game!! I loved everything: the characters, the story. I really wanted a sequel because I loved the characters so much that I wanted to know more about them.
Great job! 

Thank you!


Hi i really like both the game and the art so much! The atmosphere is so good!! I just have one question.

I can't reach the second part of your walkthrough. Everytime i can't reach the bin in time, the map changes and i never find the elevator before the count ends :( How do i do it?


First of all, thank you! Second: Have you been pressing shift? If not, do so; It'll make you go faster. Other than that, after going through the stairs for the first time, you'll be teleported back to Aidens floor. (which can be distinguished by the hole in the floor next to his door) Once you see that hole, immediately run to the right again. After that just keep following the path the game takes you aka don't go back into the doors you came from but keep going forward. Hope this helps, if not let me know :)


omg i totally forgot about Shift XD mb and ty! ahah


holy. shit.

what a mind-blowingly good game.

i played this for two hours and i was hooked on every single part. it never became tedious you added the perfect amount of literary devices to make the plot engaging but not overly complex.

the idea was intruiging and amazingly executed, the graphics were beautiful and suited the game perfectly, and the alternate ending did a good job of fucking me up and needing to take a breather and collect my thoughts before i tried again.

that alternate ending though. dark and depressing and so well done.

you did an amazing job of doing a genuinely scary horror game with a sweet romance at its' core. the stakes were high enough to build tension and really pull me into this amazing game.

10/10. i love this.


I'm speechless, thank you so much!! I never thought my game could get anyone to leave such a positive review, that's awesome. Hope you have an amazing day, for making mine that much better! =D 


This was a ton of fun. I'm so bad with horror games, but thank you so much for the great experience! Great work, and good luck on your future projects! :D 

As a person whose career revolves around clean scripts and grammar, I'd definitely recommend using grammar and spell check apps if you can! Those sorts of tools should be able to catch most mistakes for you. However, I didn't think the typos distracted from the mood of the game. You did an absolutely awesome job with this game!

Thank you for this kind feedback. I will definitely put more effort into spell checking my work in the future, however this game was made for a gamejam so I unfortunately ran out of time. I'm glad they weren't too distracting :)

Oh, I absolutely understand running out of time! (My friends and I also participated in Yaoijam, aha.) 

Again, this entire game is so well-polished, especially when you take into account that you made it for a jam. I had a fun and incredible experience playing it so kudos to you. :D


SO GOOD! VERY tense and frightening! Also thank you for the walkthrough, I really appreciated it!


Thank you! Glad the walkthrough was of use :D


Hi, i'm really liking this game but for some reason i can't reach the room with the elevator (after finding the outside corridor)... I read in the walkthrough that it should take you there randomly when moving through rooms but it just doesn't appear... What should i do? Am i missing something? :/

Hey, sorry for the inconvienience but you must have encountered the rare bug I cannot get fixed. For that reason I implemented a teleport cheat. You can access it by interacting with the left corner of Aidens bookshelf with the pass 4202. Hope this helps!

how do you even played it i have downloaded it multiple times but it wont work not to be rude just askin


You need to unzip the folder (if you don't have a zip program yet, I recommend 7-zip. After installing just right click the folder and click on unzip) Then go into the folder and double click on a file called "game". Hope this helps :)

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Okay, I finally had enough time to download and play this, and it was AMAZING. I don't know how else to put it. I found all of the endings in around 2 hours, the alternate being the last, and after a moment everything started falling into place about Aiden, even the way he talks to himself when throwing away the board. The alternate ending caught me off guard though, like DAMN. I spent like 15 minutes processing everything while going nuts. Lol. I just want to say, thank you for making this wonderful game. 

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Thank you so much for the kinds words!! :D I'm happy you had a fun experience haha I wasn't sure if the alternate ending would be well recieved by players, but I'm glad that it seems to have the effect I hoped for so far :)


Ahh my heart is fulfilled. I finally managed to finish the game and get both endings (Alternative first of course so my heart can heal from the damage it dealt to me.). I really loved this game so much. I already rated it, but it still stands true. I loved this game form beginning to end even if I kept dying from the chase scenes. The True End almost made me tear up almost. This was wonderful, and thanks so much for adding the teleport. That really came in handy. I'm excited to see other games from you if possible.

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Aww thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy you still enjoyed the game despite all the trouble the bug was causing orz I'm definitely motivated to make more games, but we'll see :3


Just started playing the demo, but I really love the art style. It looks really polished so far. Can't wait to see more! 

Hey, thank you for playing my game and posting your playthrough! It's not a demo though, it's completed ^-^


Good evening

This game is super amazing

The chase scenes made me tremble in my hands (and die a lot too...)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D


Hello, fellow queer peep! I will probably come back with my full view later because I'm really into the atmosphere and narrative of this game, but for now I'd like to point out just a little remark/suggestion.

Right at the beginning when you're given the choice to pick up the ouija board or not, I went with HECK NAH, not particularly supersticious, but also not bored enough to take something suspicious from the trash. The game crashes after the scene with our crush going home, so I guess the game doesn't really have a route for this option and shuts down by itself (which makes sense to me since the story orbits around things going wrong with the ouija board).

I mean, that can be an ending itself and this also makes sense. You're already a major champ for creating all this in only FIFTEEN days, praises for you! As a player, I'd just like to suggest adding something that indicates the player has reached the ending, even if their choices had led them to skip all the story like me lololol and if the ouija board is mandatory for the story to happen and the game crashing part isn't supposed to be an ending, maybe consider not making it a player's choice. Give us the item anyway under any context you see fit. I wouldn't have questioned the MC picking it up at all because you developed pretty well his skepticism and his choice would be 100% in character, but since the choice was up to me and I'm only 80% skeptical, I'll be playing the game again from the beginning.

Anyways, thanks for developing it in the first place! The game is quite promising and I can't imagine the amount of effort you put into it     


Thank you for your feedback! The game does indeed crash on purpose. It was a stylistic choice on my end, but I can see how it is confusing for the player. I'll definitely handle endings differently in my next game, if I make another haha Hope you enjoy/ed the rest of the game ^-^


l really have so many questions right now...

the game was awsome btw

Good. >:D

And thank you! :D


I really like this game so far! It's really awesome. Just wondering (I'm not finished yet) where do I go after reading the newspaper? also nice and scary I actually yelled/screeched during that chase. I'm just kinda lost :') Really beautiful graphics and story I'm just l o s t.

Thank you so much for your kind words!  :D The chase will end after changing maps 10 times. Apparently theres a bug where it doesnt always work, so just reload the save if it didnt work the first time. 

I'm stuck at this part too now. At first I thought it was thanks to me using the same two maps to switch between each other 10 times (cheap trick, I know hahah), but even after I tried again going to different maps, I'm still stuck. Nothing leads me to the rooftop...

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Yeah same here. I escaped the chase, but I can't find the rooftop. Earlier in game I would rely on the boiler room that would lead to me to the elevator and the stairs.  Now I only get the stairs if not the hallways. I can't find a way to the rooftop at all.


Sorry for the inconveniences! Apparently there's a bug where you can't go back to the roof after the chase. I now uploaded a new version where I might have fixed it (it's kinda hard to test) but if I didn't, you can now access a teleport via password that takes you directly to the elevator. I wrote a devlog explaining how it works. Again I am so sorry, and I hope you still want to finish the game and it didn't spoil your experience too much ;a;

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Hey I played through and got the True and Alternative endings!

It was a very nice game, even though it got bugged once after a chase sequence and I couldn't get to the roof.

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Hello, thank you for playing my game! Did it take very long to get to the roof or did you have to reload your last checkpoint? and are you talking about the first or the second chase?

It got bugged during the first chase and I had to reload my last save.


This was a lot of fun! I loved the art for this, and the animations. The atmosphere was SOOO GOOOD. I died like 15+ times to the chase sequences, lol. But in the end I persevered and aaahh I loved seeing Aiden and Dan get together in the end. 

It's amazing you made this in 15 days!!! Incredible! Looking forward to anything else you might make. :D


Aww thank you so much for your kind feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) And hopefully dying so many times wasn't too frustrating haha